Simply Said

Goran Poletan

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The breeze, a rogue,
caresses all the roses
– they blush.

A hawk catches
a white dove – it devours
the symbol of peace.

A summer shower
forces all the people to run
– not a drunk old man.

Between two women,
a child chooses the uglier
– its mother.

Motionless, as
scattered stones
– sheep in a field.

On the red sand,
just a lizard is defiant
to the sun.

As days are getting shorter,
the cricket sings tirelessly
– knowing it won’t last.

A stranger hurries by,
with a plastic bag in his hand
– a pendulum in motion.

On the street – people
meet and depart from each other,

Under the moonlight,
a spider heads off to a feast
– so does a lizard.

The hoot of an owl,
and the forest once again
falls into silence.

Like an old granny,
using a stick for support,
– an old hut.

from old age and birds
– a sunflower.

A man and a dog
on a morning walk,
lost in thought.

Running away from
the wind, a leaf finds shelter
in a shallow ditch.

The midday sun
– and the clanking sound of hoes
over a dry soil.

The sky spilled
countless mirrors over the road
– birds drink them with joy.

A flood. The river
steals several pumpkins and
escapes with them.

The river gives
an empty bottle to the shore
and takes it back.

The river rocks
someone’s lost doll, trying
to comfort it.

Mosquitoes look
forward to the sunset – no one
looks forward to them.

The birds have eaten
all the cherries – the stems
remain for my tea.

During an evening walk
I frightened a sleeping dog
– it frightened me too.

On an empty meadow,
a large rock and I – each with
a shadow.

The river current
carries everything away, except
ducks and willow branches.

For a while,
I walked with a river,
then we parted.

A lifeless tree
in an empty field
– a raven starts its flight.

A drunk man is
talking – his horse is nodding
in agreement.

At the door step
– grandpa shakes off snow
from the Christmas tree.

The New Year
– I look at new post cards
from old friends.

Saturday evening.
A fire engine speeds
along a frozen road.

On the hot coals
bursts a burnt chestnut
– the old man sighs.

A granny is knitting a scarf
– the kitten is picking at the
wool from the box.

With a lifted ear,
the dog listens to the old man
softly singing.

The smell of roasted
meat from the kitchen
lures a kitten.

The cracked soil
is tilled by the farmer, and once
again by the birds.

The farmer is talking,
patiently chasing off flies
from his face.

A burnt meadow
– the crow lands into
the morning silence.

A midday haze
– the sheep shimmer
at the end of the farm.

Above young crops,
the wind sways crows on
the power cables.

The sunset.
The shadow of an ant hill falls
into the cracked soil.

A desert wind
loudly opens and shuts
the attic door.

On a plastic table
– children and wasps share
a large watermelon.

The holidays
– no one is picking ripe cherries
from the schoolyard.

An abandoned farm
– ripe blackberries hang
on a rusting fence.

The old grandfather clock
chimes to announce midnight
– the cricket is chirping.

Shepherds call
each other from the stony hills
– the valley echoes.

A dog suddenly barked
– a scared kangaroo jumps
over the fence.

An Autumn breeze
swings dry leaves, attached
to a spider’s web.

The midday heat
– a boy stripped to the waist
drives the oxen and flies.

The desert wind
– from a metal pipe emerges
a strange sound.

The first large rain drops
landing on the hot concrete,
speed up the ants.

My uncle quarters
a fresh tomato, salts it
and eats it with joy.

As midnight passes,
the ticking of the clock
gets louder by the minute.

The road slowly
disappears into the fog
– shortly I shall too.

A toothless farmer
is tapping his fat pig
– with great satisfaction.

A fly in my glass
– bad luck for
both of us.

A chainsaw
cuts into an old tree, and into
the forest silence.

I’m watching a friend
on his deathbed – a
friendship is dying.

Between the human
feet ants are dragging out
their injured friend.